The right people

We match your business with the best possible candidates and ensure their success. Everything else is just fluff.

No-nonsense recruiting.

Frank Manner’s approach is refreshingly different. We take a radically transparent, results-driven approach to recruiting. We’re 100% upfront about our selection process and we guarantee to keep the nonsense to a minimum.

We tell the truth.

We offer frank advice and recommendations as if your company and money are ours. We don’t just provide lists of candidates. We advise you on exactly who to hire and why.

We’re tailored to your business.

When it comes to your real needs, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality. We take pride in customizing solutions to suit your business.

We focus on results and value.

We deliver strategic action, not ceremony and pricey procedures. And we’ll tell you exactly where your money goes.

Our services

Executive Searches

Need to hire C-levels, management, or other critical positions? We can help.

We dig deep to understand your business’s unique challenges and needs. Then we embark on a tailored, exhaustive search to find the perfect candidates.

Using science-based tools and time-tested methodologies, we recommend the best fit for the job — and our work doesn’t end there.

We provide support during the hiring and onboarding process and even coach your new hire on the job.

Assessment Services

Hiring and developing the right candidate can be the difference between success and failure. So why do it alone?

Our tailored assessment services ensure you select the best person for the job.

And hiring is just one part. We also provide expert advice on individual and team development, management audits, and people due diligence.

Leadership Advisory

Winning teams aren’t built by accident.

We provide crystal clear guidance on how to develop and lead teams destined for excellence.

This is what I need!

We don’t work
with just anyone.

Frank Manner’s clients are different. They appreciate that we put pressure on them — to let us do our best work. We have zero interest in wasting yours or our time. Our clients are rule-breaking, open to possibility and ready to build. If this sounds like you, let’s get aquainted.

You break the rules.

You are entrepreneurs, renegades, and game-changers who challenge norms and break molds.

You are open to possibility.

You see fresh perspectives, adopt new best practices, and execute groundbreaking ideas.

You are ready to build.

You know time is money, and are prepared to make firm decisions to guide your business through critical growth stages.

Let’s go to work.

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